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Welcome to Europa Hotel

The Hotel Europa is built on the top of Drouvas Hill in Ancient Olympia, at the foot of which there is the Sacred Alti with brilliant monuments and the stadium of the Ancient Olympic Games. The silent, humble hill whose top our hotel decorates, has been a long-standing witness and a privileged spectator of the events that took place in this divine valley, that spreads out so beautiful and idyllic between two rivers, Alfeios and Kladeos.
Except for its business purposes,  Hotel Europa, because of its location and heritage, has also undertaken another mission; to play its part between the brilliant past and today, keeping the level of its aesthetics and hospitality high. So as, when the visitors to the Sacred Alti come and stay here, to maintain their spiritual exaltation, to renew their sense of beauty, to enjoy the services of unparalleled hospitality.
Our hotel can already be proud of these, as they are not mere goals to be achieved, but a tangible result. This can be ascertained by State Leaders, members of the Olympic family, artists and writers, great everyday visitors who, during their stay, enjoyed its special family atmosphere, its Olympian hospitality.
Enjoy beautiful views of the Valley of Alfeios River from your private balcony. Relax in your spacious room, appointed with marble floors and a lovely seating area. Benefit from free wireless internet access and breakfast included in your rate.
Relax around the beautiful outdoor pool with the Pool Bar and enjoy excellent flavours from our traditional Greek Tavern in the Garden. Our Garden provides a relaxing setting after a day of sightseeing.
Take leisurely walks into Olympia

Ancient Olympia

Europa hotel is situated above Ancient Olympia, the most celebrated sanctuary of ancient Greece. Dedicated to Zeus, the father of the Olympian gods, the sanctuary hosted one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the renowned gold and ivory statue of Zeus. Ancient Olympia is also known as the birthplace of the Olympic Games. According to historical records, the first Olympic Games took place in this ground in 776 BC. Every four years the Olympic flame is lit here and begins its journey to the city that will host the next Olympic Games. Travel in past through this crack in time, admire the grandeur of antiquity and walk on the footsteps of the first Olympic winners.

“The Garden” Tavern

Tavern “The Garden” is located by the pool and amidst a blooming garden boasting an enchanting backdrop of the majestic Arcadian mountains and the valley of the Alpheus river. Indulge yourselves in a feast of traditional Greek cuisine based on fresh and natural ingredients cooked with artistry and flair. You can complete this unique gastronomic experience by savoring our exquisite local wines under the invigorating shade of imposing olive trees.

Family ambiance

Europa hotel is the ideal destination for lovers of nature and tranquility combining the harmony and positive aura of the scenery with the impeccable service of our attentive and friendly personnel. Either alone or with company the cozy, family-like environment will make you feel at home.

High quality services

We hope that we will have the pleasure to welcome you to the most hospitable corner in the world and offer you a taste of our top notch services. Our beautifully decorated, well-equipped rooms, the impressive swimming pool as well as our restaurants and bars providing for every need and comfort will make your stay a memorable one.

Small conference facilities

Europa hotel comprises an exceptional venue for conferences, seminars and business meetings fully equipped with audiovisual appliances and capable to meet all your needs and provide an efficient working environment.