Europa Hotel opened inside the Lobby a boutique selling traditional organic products of its own production as well as other local producers.
Our stuff is waiting you to reveal to you:
- the beneficial secrets of olive oil,
- the healing properties of the herbs of the Greek land,
- the process of the body stimulation with the daily use of organic honeys,
- the benefits of using organic olives which is the cornerstone of the Mediterranean Greek diet
- the secrets of beauty from the use of handmade soaps that are made with herbal ingredients.
All the products, which we first try and use, are of high quality, of high standards and strengthen the body while respecting the functions of nature, which
Greece has a unique microclimate and for this reason the products combine excellent nutritional value with very good organoleptic properties (aroma, taste, after taste).
Herbs are considered as a powerful arsenal of nature full of healing and beneficial properties for the human body. The secret of health and beauty is well hidden in herbs, the native plants that grow in the Greek countryside and are used as medicines for various diseases. In our store you will find a large variety of herbs for many different uses. Our ultimate goal is to give an alternative and healthier form of nutrition, but also a holistic perception of our lives in order to transmit optimism and a harmonious coexistence with our environment.
We believe that taste and health can be perfectly combined and our goal is to recommend you all the wonderful foods that can be found in Greece and through producers in our area.




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