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Greek cuisine is known around the world for its taste, its variety and its nutrients. At "The Garden" we have as our philosophy the Greek Mediterranean diet with the utilization of pure Greek products of the countryside. Most of the raw materials are of our own production, such as the fine olive oil, the vegetables, the herbs from the privately owned orchards, located on the banks of the Alfeios River, the meat of the domestic pig, eggs and more. Our chef, using these pure and fresh ingredients, uniquely marries the gastronomic heritage of Greece with a modern, light note.


The leading Greek traditional tavern of Ancient Olympia "The Garden" is located in our hotel, in an idyllic green natural environment with a wonderful view of the valley of the gods. It is a tavern that is offered both for customers who want to taste the uniqueness of Greek cuisine and for lovers of gastronomic "discoveries" and taste requirements. With delicious traditional dishes with Mediterranean touches and a la carte Greek cuisine, incorporating pure ingredients and meticulous raw materials, it manages to pleasantly surprise every palate.

Dear guest,

Europa hotel is owned and run by George Spiliopoulos’ family. Our fundamental mission is to be an integral part
of the local environment, history and economy.
We support the local economy, respect the historical features and environment of our region.
The secret for our cuisine: The mediterranean diet.
We use our own home grown ingredients.
The vegetables, herbs, eggs and pork come from the hotel’s own local farm on the banks of the Alphios river.
Finally, the excellent olive oil comes from our family’s local olive groves.


A feast of flavors

At The Garden Tavern, we offer you flavors from Greek traditional and Mediterranean cuisine with cooked and fresh grilled meats, as well as seafood and fresh fish.



Our appetizers are based on Greek traditional and modern recipes with fresh herbs and olive oil. Our assortment covers classic options that cover the whole range of palates. You can start your lunch with tzatziki, aubergine salad, saganaki, fava beans, pumpkin meatballs or bouyourdi and for dinner you have the additional options of Grilled pies with rosemary, variety with aubergine salad, tzatziki & fava beans, grilled farm vegetables with talagani cheese , garlic mushrooms with thyme.

On the grill

During your evening, you have the possibility to taste on your plate the specialties that we prepare for you on the grill. Our fresh meats include veal burgers, pork steak, pork souvlaki, milk veal steak, chicken breast, lamb chops and from the fish world, sea bream.

Fresh salads

You can choose from our salads, all of which are prepared with natural products from the Earth of our region and enjoy the freshness of the lettuce, tomato, oregano and all the pure ingredients we use. For your lunch choose Cretan Dako, Greek salad, Island salad or our flagship EUROPA salad, while for your dinner you also have the excellent choice of Perivoli salad with green leaves.


Our Italian pasta kitchen offers you for lunch the classic choices from Napoli and Bolognese to the Mediterranean with Pesto. We have taken care of suitable selection for our vegetarian customers. For your dinner, however, you can enjoy your pasta with veal scallop ragout or rabbit with oregano oil or indulge in the intoxicating taste of lasagna with handmade basil pesto, portobello (mushroom) risotto, penne with chicken, trachanas with vegetables or the wonderful linguine with shrimps in red sauce.

In the oven

Every day there will be a range of cooked meals to choose from.
• Stuffed tomatoes with rice , black raisins and herbs
• Moussaka, the classic, with eggplant and minced meat
• Rabbit casserole with oregano, twisted pasta, sprinkled with local cheese

Dessert and ice cream

The options available to you for dessert are a seasonal fruit platter or delicious ice cream in a wide variety of flavors (Brownies, Ferrero Rocher, Stracciatella, Strawberry, Caramel, etc.)


In our catalog you can find a specially selected wine list, with wine labels from Greek and local vineyards, which will ideally accompany the dishes of your choice.




Wines, Drinks, Coffees


Ice cream

Pool Menu


Pure Materials & Organic oil

Pure virgin olive oil is used in our dishes and sunflower oil is used for frying.
The olive oil used in our freshly cut salads as well as in the meals is organically grown from our hotel's olive groves. Some of the vegetables are produced by the hotel's own farm.
If you wish, you can get our organic oil (in various packages) in the Traditional Products Boutique.


Olive and Groves Estate

We believe that taste and health can be perfectly combined and our goal is to introduce you to all the wonderful foods that can be found in Greece and through producers in our region.
All our products, which we first test and use, are of high quality, high standards and strengthen the body while respecting the functions of nature.
Our ultimate goal is to provide an alternative and healthier form of nutrition, but also an overall perception of our lives in order to convey optimism and a harmonious coexistence with our environment.




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