Every point of the hotel is a unique experience. Every experience and a secret tip.


To your home

Our greatest virtue is the authentic Greek hospitality that you will feel every moment of your stay. You will immediately feel our true welcome and the love we feel for all the residents who decided not only to stay at the Europa Hotel but also to visit the historical area of Ancient Olympia, the place where we live and grew up. A hearty good morning and a big smile are priceless, because they will make you feel at home.
SECRET TIP: Welcome to Europa Hotel!

Festival of Flavors

Colors and aromas

Every taste and a feast of the palate. Every sunset and a painting that captivates the eye. Each flower and a special scent that enchants the sense of smell. Flavors, colors and aromas play with the senses, taking off the summer mood in a wonderful green setting. Every star and a wish under the starry sky. Each dish and a unique creation of the chef. Every glass of wine and a story of a winery.
SECRET TIP: Portobello the dish that stands out in "THE GARDEN"!

Oasis of

Dew and Cocktails

How could a hot summer day in Ancient Olympia get really special? It could be if we added a little blue color to an enchanting green setting. This is why the Europa Hotel swimming pool is the ultimate summer setting in the area. Where relaxing on comfortable sunbeds, under large umbrellas and refreshing dips in the company of a cocktail in hand, make summers cooler and more idyllic.
SECRET TIP: Enjoy a signature Europa Cocktail by the pool!

An amazing


Our breakfast buffet offers an impressive variety of Greek homemade delicacies and local specialties, such as traditional pies, desserts, pastries, cookies, cakes, pure honey, different flavors of marmalade, several types of warm bread, toast, olives, cereal, butter, local dairy products, fresh fruit, juice and aromatic coffee, which will boost your energy levels and help you start your day on the right foot.

Discover the

Biological materials that release energy

The day at Hotel Europa begins with a feast of colors, aromas and wonderful tastes of an authentic Greek award-winning breakfast, which almost entirely consists of organically grown products and our own production, as well as handmade homemade delicacies. The rich breakfast of our accommodation is served in the in-house restaurant and includes: Aromatic coffees, tea, milk and other hot drinks, sourdough bread, handmade pies, warm croissants, delicious cakes and dips, homemade handmade jams, pure honey, fresh eggs from free-range hens grazing and all that will make you start your day with energy.
SECRET TIP: Do you know that you can eat honeycomb?

Enjoy a

Light Lunch

For lunch or dinner our chef invites you on a gastronomic journey featuring a fusion of Greek, Mediterranean and international cuisine. Try a wide range of skillfully prepared traditional dishes based on local products and discover the culinary treasures of the region.

Introduction courses

In the Mediterranean Diet

The certified and rich traditional "Greek Breakfast" served daily at the hotel, the unique taste options of our a la carte restaurant as well as the Greek cuisine with Mediterranean notes of "The Garden" tavern will overwhelm your senses with authentic smells and tastes and they will introduce you to the basic principles of the Mediterranean diet and Greek culture. The food at Hotel Europa is a fusion of local and Greek flavors that creates an exquisite culinary experience enriched with authentic organic products of our production
SECRET TIP: You will find our organic oil at the Traditional Boutique in Lobby

From our private gardens

At your table

In our hotel we use selected organic ingredients from our own gardens as well as from a network of local farmers, traditional crops Our menus and the way we have created our taste suggestions in all the food departments of the hotel, reflect the philosophy "from the garden, on the table". All the ingredients used in the preparation of the dishes are fresh and seasonal ingredients and for this reason they uniquely highlight the taste of the traditional and Mediterranean dishes prepared by our chef. Thus the history and beauty of our country, the Mediterranean colors, smells and tastes come together in perfect harmony.
SECRET TIP: The pork as well as the eggs from free range hens are from privately owned farms.

As a Greek

Enjoy your coffee

The majority of Greeks drink an average of 2 coffees a day. Do you know what Greek heavy dessert is? The Nescafe Frappe? The Freddo Espresso? Don't worry, we will teach you the secrets of coffee. The hotel's experienced baristas are ready to inform you about each type, prepare the coffee of your choice and serve it to you in any part of the hotel. The "correct Greek" way to drink your coffee requires that it be consumed slowly, with small enjoyable sips, always with good company and nice conversations.
SECRET TIP: Try Greek coffee at the indoor coffee bar!



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